The Nature Literacy Collection

The Nature Literacy Collection Image

The child's excitement for the new and unknown and for the process of discovery is a gift to be nurtured - a gift that will sustain humanity and the health of the planet on which it depends.

Built on the child's inherent fascination with living things, The Nature Literacy Collection offers an integrated curriculum of beautifully illustrated learning activities that blend the wonders of nature with primary and elementary level language concepts.

Stories of the Earth activities are illustrative nomenclature, classification and sequencing card sets that support and extend the primary student's relationship with the natural world.

The Peaceable Farm is a collection of illustrative word function and word study activities for kindergarten and lower elementary students, using peaceful illustrations of life on the farm and movable parts of speech. Story building skills are practiced with three nature-themed story building kits.

First Illustrations are nature-themed two-part activities for pre-primary and early primary students in support of developing oral language skills.

Fallen Tree Wooden Trays - Only fallen, storm-damaged trees are used in the making of our wooden trays. The wood is milled and air dried on our site in Maryland; then handcrafted to hold our card sets perfectly, or to accommodate multi-purpose classroom use. With each tray, we include an identification card with the story of the fallen tree used to give children a unique perspective on the origins of the wood and the practice of forest stewardship.