To support Montessori from home, we are offering some of our pre-primary and primary materials at a bulk discount while supplies last.

BULK ORDER SPECIAL While supplies last, you can purchase 5 sets of Pets We Love Lotto for $15 – that’s $3.00 per set!  Add a set to materials kits for Montessori home learning to engage young children in a classification activity on a home-related subject.
Pets We Love Lotto can be used for the development of oral language (name the pet); as a classification and matching activity; and as a cooperative board game. Each set includes two full-color lotto boards with 9 illustrations each, and 18 cards for matching.

MONTESSORI FROM HOME ACTIVITY – As a cooperative game for two, language, observational and social skills develop. Cooperative game rule: game over when both boards are completely matched – No winner!

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