Picturing Peacemaking is a collection of illustrative images that encourage discussion, understanding and action for peace. The peacemaking principles of the UN 2000 Manifesto for Peace provide the framework for this collection. All images are full-color illustrated and printed on #80 white vellum.

Peacemaking images – These images build on the child’s capacity for goodness by raising awareness of what it means to take action for peace everyday. Simple, everyday activities are illustrated as examples of mindful, positive peacemaking that is relatable to children.

Nature literacy images – Caring about the Earth is an act of peacemaking. Our Nature literacy images are dedicated to preserving the child’s inborn sense of wonder and bond with the natural world.

Diversity & Equality– The illustrations used in these classroom learning activities employ inclusive imagery, conveying a sense of peaceful empowerment. Each activity notes an inclusive story as a read-aloud suggestion.