While supplies last, you can purchase 10 sets of The Peacemaker Messages for $30 – that’s $3.00 per set!  Add a set to Montessori materials kits for home learning to keep students and their families engaged in peace education.  Each set includes six illustrated messages of peace for young children (ages 4 – 9); plus 6 matching message cards. Illustrations depict a diversity of children engaged in everyday peaceful actions.  Based on the six pledges of the United Nations 2000 Manifesto for Peace:

• Peacemakers respect all living things
• Peacemakers work it out without violence
• Peacemakers share with others
• Peacemakers listen to understand
• Peacemakers care about the Earth
• Peacemakers work together to make things better

Printed on #130, FSC certified, coated stock, ready to laminate.

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