Our History/Our Mission

Reading a story aloud to another human being is an experience that brims with love and language and discovery. This deeply human exchange converts the ordinary things in life – a book, a voice, a place to sit, and a bit of time – into fuel for the heart, the mind and the imagination as relationships are built and community grows around story.


ontessori Images began over a decade ago in dedication to the joyful benefits of reading aloud to children. In support of the classroom read-aloud, and to encourage conversation around story, we developed illustrative story extensions that highlight language concepts, structures and vocabulary. Our present work, The Nature Literacy Collection, follows a peace and nature theme with suggested read-alouds and inspiring imagery for primary and elementary children.

In 2017 we began a new mission of advocacy for older adults living with dementia who want to continue to know the joys of sharing a story with others. Our Stories for Older Adults feature large-print text and high-contrast illustrations to ease participation and promote engagement.

As always, our mission is to underscore the benefts of the read-aloud with our materials, and to encourage conversation and human connection through story.

Rita Akins

Our Materials

“The illustrations are incredibly beautiful!  The  children are so attracted to them . . .”

The talents of professional artist, Ronn Akins, bring an illustrative quality to our materials that engages young and old. Illustrations for children are beautifully rendered with clarity and accuracy, inviting discovery. Engaging illustrations for older adults are done with bold colors and high contrast to accommodate low vision.

All images are rendered in watercolor and pen and ink, and printed on papers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council. Shelf-ready card sets are protected with durable 7 mil lamination, or non-glare 5 mil lamination.

Our Setting

The shores of the Chesapeake Bay provide an inspirational setting for our M’Images art studio. We are situated on 23 forested acres which have been voluntarily placed in Forest Stewardship to insure the protection of plant and animal species; and to follow a guided plan for sustainable use that includes our handcrafted Fallen Tree Wooden Trays.