“When we see land as an (integrated) community (of living things) to which we belong, we may begin to use it with love and respect.”

Fallen Tree Wooden Trays

Fallen Tree Wooden Trays

Only fallen, storm-damaged trees are used in the making of our wooden trays. The wood is milled and air dried on our site in Maryland; then handcrafted to hold our card sets perfectly. A tree identification card with the story of the tree(s) used is included with every tray.

Stewardship Forest– Our land has been voluntarily placed in Forest Stewardship to insure the protection of plant and animal species and to follow a guided plan for sustainable use.

Our wooden trays have a 1-1/2″ depth to keep contents secure. Scooped sides prompt proper hand placement. Specialty trays feature a raised card rest which provides better content visibility and accessibility.
What is forest stewardship?

Forest stewardship is a commitment to the land for today and tomorrow. Stewards apply the principles of conservation in managing all of the forest’s resources; including, wildlife and habitat; live trees, snags and fallen; soil; water; and natural beauty.

In the words of naturalist, Aldo Leopold, your land is “an historical document which faithfully records your personal philosophy.” As forest stewards, we want our land to tell the story of peacemakers who care for the Earth.

“Thank you for the beautiful (Fallen Tree) nomenclature card box! I love the story (of the tree) that came with it.”