A beneficial tool for memory care–

Older adults with dementia who have enjoyed reading all their lives can continue to read in different ways.  While some may read every word on a page, others may be more comfortable with single-word activities.   Three-part cards are illustrated, single-word activities that invite the participant to match picture to picture, word to word.

As dementia expert, Jennifer Brush, M.A., CCC/SLP, explains . . .  “care partners, volunteers or family members reading with a person with dementia can expand the idea of ‘reading’ to include just talking about an (illustration) . . . .”   Reading for the person with dementia can begin with the word labels,  and continue with conversations sparked by the illustrations and words.  Reading then becomes, not a source of frustration, but an engaging one-on-one interaction essential to the well-being of the person with dementia.

Photo by Brush Development

The simple, orderly matching procedure associated with three-part cards can be learned quickly and repeated frequently by varying the subject matter using different themed card sets. Each new theme gives the person with dementia a predictable, repetitive experience while helping to maintain skills, such as reading, naming, sequencing and attention to task.  Likewise, each new theme invites conversation, reminiscing and storytelling.


Order and repetition leads to success and enjoyment

Each three-part card set is aesthetically pleasing and visually organized.  An orderly activity is calming.  Once the procedure for use becomes routine, the person with dementia knows what to expect and can relax and enjoy the success of the activity.  Repeated practice strengthens neural networks and increases the chances that information will be transferred from short-term memory to long-term memory.

In time, the activity can be enjoyed independently, giving the person with dementia control over the task.  A self-directed activity becomes more meaningful to the individual, and, in turn, creates more enjoyment.  We offer a sectioned wooden tray that is sized to hold our three-part cards.  Placed in the tray, the cards are visually organized and easily accessible, making the activity more person friendly for those with dementia.

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